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These soaps will be my new go to, I’ve ordered my second lot, they are very gentle to my skin and smell so nice. I would recommend the Lavender and Bergamot one this is my favourite. I also like the charcoal one for the face. I haven’t tried the grapefruit one though I’m excited to smell it!

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Paul Fisher

Had the grapefruit and lavender soaps. They both arrived in beautiful packaging and smelt incredible! They’re incredible on the skin and use both of them daily! Definitely recommend them.

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Sandy D

I love these soaps!! Ordered quite a few as I just couldn't decide and they're beautiful. So wonderfully presented and they lather really well. The coffee soap is a really good exfoliator in the shower and the ylang ylang I could smell all day!

Julia Greenwood

These soaps are absolutely beautiful! My go to for sure. Not only do they smell amazing but the fact they’re so creamy and don’t contain any nasty chemicals makes me feel reassured that I’m using something safe for my skin. They leave my skin feeling soft and smelling divine, would recommend especially to people with dry skin such as myself.

G Lally

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